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Korea's representative cat, the Korean Shorthair

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Korean Cats

The Korean Shorthair, or native cat of Korea, is a natural companion animal in the city where more than 70% of the population of Korea lives.

That's why there are so many animal lovers in Korea.
The Korean Shorthair is usually easy to spot on the street.

so it captivates people. And these are their origins that.
some of the cats who lived in the military during the war survived.
and became indigenous due to changes in habitat and increased capacity.
The Korean Shorthair generally has short straight hair. The name of this nose short was attached because of this short straight hair. However, these cats are not officially recognized as a breed and are sometimes classified as temporary names.

This is because there is nothing unique about appearance or characteristics.
Still, the Korean Shorthair has an interesting face and a variety of charms as it has various patterns and colors.
Above all, as one of the native cats in Korea, it has become part of our culture. That's how much people love and value it.

Maybe this beloved Korean shorthair reflects the history and culture of Korea and lives while inheriting a part of our culture?
We must not forget that the existence of these cats enriches our daily lives and gives comfort and happiness to many people.

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I Love Korean Cats

Records about cats are also mentioned a lot in the history of the Joseon Dynasty.

Sangwonsa's cat, who saved Taejo's life that everyone knows, announced the existence of an assassin and saved Taejo's life.

In recognition of this, the cat received a prize and was given a grave. Also, it is said that Princess Sookmyung, the second daughter of Hyojong, the 17th king of the Joseon Dynasty, always wore a cat even after she got married. It is said that the artist who put the cat in it valued it and accepted it as a gift.

It is said that King Sukjong, the 19th king of the Joseon Dynasty, especially cherished yellow cats, named them Geumson, and even fed them meat from Sura table. After Sukjong's death, this cat stopped eating and drinking, and it is said that he followed Sukjong and died 13 days later. Facts like this are one of the universal proofs of how precious cats are.

The Korean Shorthair also appears a lot in traditional paintings. Among them, 'Suminjeongpando' on the side wall has a picture of a cat. In addition, Kim Hong-do's 'Cat in the Wilderness' captures the pure and free appearance of a cat.

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Types and Cultures of Korean Cats
Types and Cultures of Korean Cats

  1. Cheese Tabby/ All Cheese Cat
  2. Yellow Cheesy, Orange Striped Nose Short CatHe is famous for his cute nose shorts.

    He is also friendly and has a personality that gets along well with people.

  3. mackerel tabby
  4. This name was given because it resembles the pattern of a mackerel

    He likes to play and is very curious.

  5. tricolor
  6. The tricolor cat is a short nosed cat that is a mixture of white, black, and brown.

    A unique feature is that genetically, only female tricolor kittens are born.

    Occasionally, if a male is tricolored, it is said that there may be an abnormality in reproductive function.

    Also, in Japan, it is famous as a cat that brings good luck.

  7. tuxedo
  8. A tuxedo that looks as cute as wearing a mask!

    It is said that it was named because it looks like it is wearing a tuxedo.

  9. black
  10. black cats are charismatic.

    In the past, all-black cats were said to have been harmed for no reason because of superstition.

    It looks like a black cat called Bombay, butAll black nose shorts have longer legs and different eye colors.

    It is said that a cat wearing an all-gum coat cannot appear in Nose Short All Black.

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An image of a Korean stray cat staring
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Korean cat features

Korean cats also have a temperamental side. But most are docile and like people. The feral cats on the street are very wary, but they are also strangers who treat you like family if you give them love. This is why it is loved by many people.

However, on the other hand, Korean cats are still stigmatized as stray cats, and their survival is threatened. However, this is not true. Korean cats are smart and active animals, and are popular for their good looks and friendly personalities.

Also, Korean cats can live with people and make beautiful friendships. Your time with them is priceless, and the love they give you is priceless. For these reasons, Korean cats are a great choice as pets.

cat is my friend
A little friend I met on the road

Finishing up...

Korean cats are known for their unique characteristics and charming personalities. There are various types of Korean cats, each with its own cultural significance and history.

One of the most popular types of Korean cats is the Korean short hair cat. This type of cat is known for its soft, silky coat and calm temperament. It is also highly regarded in Korean culture and is often featured in traditional Korean art and literature.

Another type of Korean cat is the Korean bobtail cat. This cat is easily recognized by its distinctive short tail, which is seen as a sign of good luck in Korean culture. The Korean bobtail cat is also known for its playful and affectionate nature, making it a beloved pet among Korean families.

In addition to these types of cats, there are also various cultural practices associated with cats in Korea. 

For example, there is a traditional Korean holiday known as Cat Day, where people celebrate and honor cats. It is also common for Koreans to keep cats as pets and treat them as members of the family.

Overall, Korean cats are an important part of Korean culture and society. Their unique characteristics and cultural significance make them a fascinating topic for further exploration and study.

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